The site is up

Alright, the site is up! It’s taken less time to get this far that I thought it might. Learning wordpress includes discovering a teeming biota of businesses and people who make things to either give or sell me to make the website work. The site comes from a free template, the template is unpopulated, they’ll sell me a populated one for $60 or so. The calendar and music player modules are free, but all have paid versions. I’m not sure the paid versions will really help me, it looks like the “pro” features tend to be around accepting credit cards and other secure things. So far, so good.

I’ve only told a few people about the site so far, Alison, Foggy and Ed. It looks like anyone can become a member of the site, I think you can post on the blog then. Not sure if that’s going to end up being a feature. I’ll make things interactive if people (not the above listed people) actually use it that way. Who are these people?